How to style spiky hair for women over 60

Now we can safely say that spiky hair is fashionable. Celebrities one after another are cutting their long hair and opting for spiky haircuts. Today, many women are following this trend. But many are still hesitant to cut curls just because they are not easy to arrange. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Read more

What is the best hair color for over 60

Women, regardless of their age, love to look spectacular. There are fashionable colors and hairstyles for women 60 and older that will help them look great. Keep in mind that style has no expiration date, so even at 65 you can take a risk and dye your hair bright pink. Besides, society has already gradually started to accept such shades on women of all ages. Our selection will help you decide on the color and make up your mind for a really bold coloring. Read more