What is the best hair color for over 60

Women, regardless of their age, love to look spectacular. There are fashionable colors and hairstyles for women 60 and older that will help them look great. Keep in mind that style has no expiration date, so even at 65 you can take a risk and dye your hair bright pink. Besides, society has already gradually started to accept such shades on women of all ages. Our selection will help you decide on the color and make up your mind for a really bold coloring.

How to choose a fashionable hair color

Among older women, when it comes to choosing a fashionable color, convenience and ease of care are most valued, and the rest depends on your style. However, when choosing the right shade, take your eye color and skin tone into consideration. Otherwise the wrong shade can make you look older and emphasize all the imperfections of your skin.

If you decide to color your hair to hide the gray, it is better to give preference not to one color, but to create natural highlights on the locks, which will give the color depth and make it more versatile.

Choosing any of the fashionable colors, you should remember that hair grows, and if you choose a dark color, the difference between colored hair and gray hair will be very noticeable. This is the reason why most women in their 60s and older choose lighter shades.


Well, now let’s take a look at the possible coloring options for women 60+. Aquamarine is suitable for those who want to make their gray hair more vibrant. Adding a sea wave color to the bottom half of the strands will give you a very unusual hairstyle that won’t be too conspicuous.

What is the best hair color for over 60


This is another trendy color for women over sixty that will even make them feel a little younger. Brown hair with golden highlights looks natural and attractive.

For a softer and more natural look, it is best to consider different shades of brown and beige. These colors look great in different techniques, such as balayage or melting.

Shades of pink

Take a closer look at this shade of pink. Choosing this color will give you a striking look. And if you are not yet ready for a radical change, you can try it only on one side of your head.

For women over the age of sixty with a light and medium shade of skin, pale pink is a great choice for a fashionable hair color. It looks soft and feminine. It is the perfect balance between tenderness and vigor.

Blond hair with a slight purple hue is refreshing and makes the eyes look brighter. Add a stylish short haircut and you’ll look a few years younger.

Subtle purple highlights

If you decide to make your color more interesting, consider giving a few strands of light purple highlights.

Red curls

Whether your hair is long or medium length, straight or wavy, red will look good either way. Red strands stand out perfectly against a pale skin tone. There is no doubt that by dyeing your hair this sunny color, you will show your youthful spirit while taking into account the passing years.

Balayage on dark hair

If you prefer dark hair shades but want to change up your look a bit, then look into sophisticated coloring techniques. The combination of a wine and red shade using the balayage technique looks spectacular and beautiful, but at the same time such a look corresponds to the age and status of a 60-year-old woman.

Even if you are 60, you should not be satisfied with the same shade of hair. Dare to add brightness and color to your hair. There are many colors that you can choose to update your image and visually shed a few years.