How to style spiky hair for women over 60

Now we can safely say that spiky hair is fashionable. Celebrities one after another are cutting their long hair and opting for spiky haircuts. Today, many women are following this trend. But many are still hesitant to cut curls just because they are not easy to arrange. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Read more

Ladies Over 60: Find Your Own Image

Every woman wants to look brilliant and make an unforgettable impression on others regardless of her age. Hairstyle plays an essential role in woman’s image, that’s exactly why it is always worth taking its choosing seriously. A woman over 60 should pay attention to hairdos which will make her elegant, classy and, at the same time bring a special charm, show she has the sense of style and perfect taste. It’s worth taking into account your hair type in order to easily find a perfect hairstyle. Let’s consider the best and the most fashionable hairdos for fine hair over 60. Read more