Every woman wants to look brilliant and make an unforgettable impression on others regardless of her age. Hairstyle plays an essential role in woman’s image, that’s exactly why it is always worth taking its choosing seriously. A woman over 60 should pay attention to hairdos which will make her elegant, classy and, at the same time bring a special charm, show she has the sense of style and perfect taste. It’s worth taking into account your hair type in order to easily find a perfect hairstyle. Let’s consider the best and the most fashionable hairdos for fine hair over 60.


Tips On How To Choose A Perfect Hairdo  

Short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 will definitely be an excellent choice for women who would like to change their image. The key advantages of short hairdo are:

  • it simplifies hair care;
  • it is much healthier than long hair;
  • it helps you always look stylish and well groomed;
  • you become able to try a variety of hair settings as well as it is really quick to style it;
  • it makes you look younger and fresh.

Short hair helps ladies look younger than their age, that’s why most ladies give preference to such kind of hairdos. It is important to choose a hairstyle according to your hair type and color as well as it’s worth taking your facial features, facial shape, height and constitution into account. Short hairdos for ladies over 60 have to be proportional, natural and, at the same time, comfortable and elegant. So what hairdo should you choose?

  • classic bob with straight bangs always looks really good and prestigious, it perfectly harmonize with any age;
  • a layered cut is another hairdo type which will be perfect for ladies over 60, it requires no styling and looks great both on thin and plump women;
  • a pixie cut is a really fashionable type of a hairstyle which will look excellent on a lady over 60;
  • short graduated bob will be an incredible choice for women over 60, it always looks stylish and fashionable.

Who said ladies over 60 can’t look classy? The right hairdo will help any woman create a certain image and make her look younger.


The Right Approach To Changing Your Image

If you’ve decided to completely change your image, it is worth thinking about all the details and intricacies. First of all, you need to determine your face shape:

  • women with oval face shape are the luckiest ones since they can easily experiment doing any type of a haircut;
  • asymmetrical haircut or classic bob with straight or side bangs will be right for women with round face as well as it’s worth paying attention to lob and pixie;
  • ladies with square face may choose asymmetrical hairstyles in order to soften facial features;
  • straight bob without bangs and the posh bob are the best cuts for ladies with triangle face shape.

Plus size women should take choosing of a haircut carefully. It’s suggested to pay more attention to short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 and graduated tapered or side bangs.