One of the best ways to express personal individuality is to get a good haircut. There is nothing that can tell more about a character than the way a person looks. Palitra of haircuts gets diversified continuously.

Young people prefer modern haircuts. These are usually characterized by asymmetric lines. Such hairdos look is very eye-catching. Women over 60 years old prefer quite a different style. 


What are the main style features of wedge haircuts for females over 60

Women who are over 60 years old live according to life principles. They know exactly what they want. In hair design they prefer the next hairdos:

  • With quite reserves designs. Such designs do not want to impress. They are rather a manifestation of life principles. People of older age usually are very modest and wise. They want to show it in simple, symmetric hairstyles.
  • Well-looking haircuts. Females do not like a messy hair. They prefer accurate and well-styled designs.
  • Hairdos that show personal status. For many older women, a nice hair design helps to underline privileges life status.

These are the main designs that elder females prefer. For such women, the best variant is to get a wedge haircut. Wedge haircuts for women over 60 years old impress by its beauty.


How to create a unique wedge design

Wedge hairdos are excellent to create fine styles of women over 60. These are short haircuts. They beautifully open the neck. One of the biggest advantages of such designs is a possibility to individualize them.

Wedge haircuts for women over 60 years old can look very differently if you change any cut. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Asymmetrical pixie. The pixie cut can look very individualistic. If you get an asymmetric cut, you will look sexy and stylish. It is a perfect style for business ladies. 
  • Rounded bob. For slim women, it is a perfect design. It will make a face looking pleasant. It is a good hairdo for women who have thick hair.
  • Fonda style. Ms. Fonda is known for her unique hairdo. It looks both feminine and impressive.
  • Curly elegance hairstyle. Curls look in a unique way on grey hair. They add elegance and beauty to every look.
  • Multi-layers beige cut. Such a design will go well for women who want their hair to look well-styled everyday. Such type of haircut has to be fixed with gel to make it look perfect.
  • Ombre hair. A good way to make your look a unique one is to get a fine coloring. Professional ombre will make every design looking perfect.

Wedge hairdos are very diverse. Everyone will find the one for herself. Choose among many styles

Before choosing a right wedge design it is also important to understand what effect you want to get. It will help you to individualize a look according to personal taste. Get a hairstyle that expresses your individuality the best.